Narration Demo

Since 2002 Jonathan Tilley has voiced thousands of corporate narrations. He simply has the voice businesses trust.

Commercial Demo

Your product should stand out from the crowd and be memorable. Let Jonathan do the talkin' and watch your competition do the walkin'.

Kickstarter Demo

2 minute long internet videos are hip and happening. Sounding upbeat but not too pushy for Kickstarter, YouTube, and explainer videos is what comes naturally to Jonathan.

Promo Demo

TV's demographic is young, dynamic, and needs to be engaged. Jonathan's got that covered.

e-Learning Demo

It's a proven fact that most people dread listening to
e-learning courses. But with Jonathan behind the mic
e-learning is fun again!

Audiobook Demo

Captivating the emotion in your story. A dog, a bird, and the wondrous, mighty, gorgeous alphabet. A clip from How Rocket Learned to Read.

German Demo

Documentaries with tons of tricky German words? European audio guides with correct location pronunciation? A whole VO in German with an American accent? Ja, he can do that.

A logical choice - Andrew Semple,  Red Bull Media House
One of my favorite voice talents to work with  - Deb Munro, Voice Over Coach
Open-minded, flexible, versatile  - Stefan Benk, STEP Advertainment
Gorgeous voice - Sabrina Pucher, P&P Studios
Huge artistic and vocal range  - Marcel Schechter, Bauer Studios
A perfect balance between having fun and getting the job done  - Franziska Zenker, Rapid Solution Software
Top notch Voice Over artst   - Uwe Schenk, uwarton
Extremely professional, very versatile, and on top of that intuitive - Hendrik WIlhelms, Audio Professional AG
No better alternative   - Manuel Michalski, Mocca Studios

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